Unique Wedding Meals

Unique Wedding Meals

Food is the one common denominator between all people, which is why it has the power to act like a magnet, bringing people together in every situation. What better way to engage your guests than with an unexpected and delicious meal? These options are perfect for any couple ready to throw out the traditional “chicken or pork” response on their RSVP card.

Mexican Street Food

Salsa, guacamole and queso are a given with this spread, but don’t let it stop there! Give your guests the intense flavor of Mexican street corn, with its creamy sweetness balanced with an intense chili kick and notes of lime and cilantro. Or you could go with chili rellenos, since nobody can resist breaded and fried peppers stuffed with queso fresco cheese and covered in a tasty red sauce. Tacos are also a must, so make sure to have plenty of traditional carnitas, steak, chicken and chorizo for filling corn tortillas and, of course, a side of rice and beans. Don’t forget the cilantro, lime and crema!

Mexican Grilled Corn with Cotija Cheese, Chili Powder and Crema

Mac-n-Cheese Bar

Macaroni and cheese is a favorite in the world of comfort food. This bar of options will make your guests wonder why they never thought to take this dish out of the comfort zone! Start with a classic cheese sauce over macaroni, spiral or penne noodles, then wow everyone with the topping options! Buffalo chicken with jalapenos and chorizo, tomatoes with pepperoni or cajun seasoned tofu with green onions. The possibilities are truly endless, so give your guests ideas but leave it open for creativity!

Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon and Parsley

Sliders All Day

Get your guests moving with the convenience of sliders. Serving up trays of these expertly flavored mini sandwiches is a great way to let everyone try a little bit of everything. Of course, including the classic bacon cheeseburger slider is a must, but adding some with breaded onion slices or jalapenos is a great way to add variety to a classic! Grilled Cajun chicken with American cheese, cilantro and a splash of lime juice on a pretzel bun will add bright flavors to your dinner. Having a summer wedding? Take those garden fresh red tomatoes and turn them into refreshingly delicious BLT sliders on toasted sourdough bread with a spread of garlic aioli to go with the classic bacon and lettuce. If you want to have a vegetarian option, you can fry up some breaded green tomatoes and pair with provolone cheese, Cajun aioli and fresh arugula. With options like these, there’s bound to be a little bit of something, or everything, for everyone attending!

Burger Sliders with Spicy Garlic Aioli and Summer Greens

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