Wedding Tips to Stress Less & Enjoy More

Wedding Tips to Stress Less & Enjoy More

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You are in the process of planning the most memorable day of your life and it’s no secret – it’s stressful! From determining the right budget to choosing each detail, your head may already be spinning. So what can you do to stress less? We have included 4 tips to help you stress less and enjoy more on your wedding day.

Tip #1: Lean into the help you have.

The people who graciously support you and offer their help do so because they love you and want the best for you. So take them up on their offers to help or ask for help when you need it! The most successful weddings are those delegated well.

Tip #2: Trust the plan.

You painstakingly made the perfect plan for a reason – trust it. Sure, there may be a detail that you left out here or there but it will get covered. You remembered the marriage license, the officiant arrived on time and you both show up – the rest are just details.

Tip #3: Remember that it will all work out.
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Regardless if you trip down the aisle or cousin Mary is 20 minutes late, it will all work out. Trip down the aisle? It will be ok – a new memory to laugh at. Cousin Mary is 20 minutes late? That’s ok, the wedding will move on and you will still be married at the end of the day. You’ve heard it said, “Don’t sweat the small stuff” for a reason – stress less, enjoy more!

Tip #4: Remember to have fun.

Many brides comment on their actual wedding day (that they planned days, months and sometimes even years in advance) that there was so much going on and they were so stressed that they didn’t actually get to enjoy it. Determine and choose to enjoy your’s. Don’t sweat the small stuff, look for the things that did go right, take note of the things that you are grateful for and don’t forget what brought you to this day in the first place – a love that is meant for a lifetime. Cheers to your wedding. May it be the most memorable and best day of your lives!

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