Budget Friendly Honeymoon Tips

Budget Friendly Honeymoon Tips

Bargain shopping is sometimes a necessary evil, but is likely not something you have a lot of time for while planning your wedding. Luckily, we have some helpful tips to free up some of your time from the endless researching and price watching.

Depending on where you’ve decided to travel to, you’ll likely have a choice of how to get there. If the two of you have picked a magical faraway land in another country, travel by plane is advised and likely your only reasonable option, and usually at a steep price. However, using tools like Google Flights to track prices ahead of time for your date and destination can help you snag tickets while the price is low. It also saves you the time it would take to constantly shop around and check back in. Just be sure to set email reminders so you can jump online when you see a price in your budget! Expedia is another great traveling service to use, especially if you like the idea of bundling your travel and hotel. By telling the Expedia app or website where you’re going, when and what you would like to bundle, you can compare options for all available flights, hotels and rental cars to see exactly what you can get within your budget. Best of all, booking everything together makes it as easy as possible so you can focus on other tasks before your big day! One more thing to keep in mind about flying is that it tends to be cheaper on weekdays and away from holidays. So, maybe skip that holiday or weekend rush and opt for a quiet Tuesday to fly away to your honeymoon!

If you’ve opted to stay a little closer to home, driving to your destination can be a great way to save a little bit of money and spend even more quality time with your new spouse! Taking a vehicle with good gas mileage is key, and you can even use gas price tracking apps, like GasBuddy, to see which stations near you have the lowest prices. Be sure to pack some quick and filling snacks to keep you going without stopping for fast food. Things like protein bars, fruit and water will keep you full, hydrated and feeling ready to jump into your plans when you reach your destination. Crank up the road trip jams and enjoy the scenery as you drive through!

Hotels, while being the obvious housing option, can rack up your honeymoon bill quickly. Looking for deals through bundling with flights or by traveling during the week can help keep that cost down. There are also local options to consider, like Airbnb. Many local residents are willing to rent out part, or all, of their living space for a fraction of the cost many hotels charge. It’s also a good way to get tips for places to visit while you’re there, as many hosts are more than willing to share what their favorite spots are.

Sightseeing also doesn’t have to blow the budget. Many destinations will have plenty to do outdoors, and checking out the small beaches and parks of your destination can be an intimate way to get to know your surroundings while spending quality time with your new spouse. Museums and botanical gardens are a great way to spend a day, and usually for a nominal fee. Asking locals about nearby landmarks can be a great way to find out about the lesser known treasures of a place. Things like cute old lighthouses, forgotten parks or retro arcades could be the places that end up creating the best memories of your time together, while also keeping your budget happily on track!

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