Creating Your Atmosphere

Creating Your Atmosphere

You’ve likely chosen what you want your wedding day to look like, but have you considered how you want it to feel and sound? Choosing a DJ for your wedding sets the atmosphere for everyone in attendance and provides the delivery service for those feel-good memories you will have for years to come.

Start Your Celebration on the Right Foot

When choosing a wedding DJ, you should first consider the logistics. What is their experience in the industry? Does their music library fit your preferred genres? Is their equipment high quality? Do they have plans for the unexpected (accidents, equipment failure, a tough crowd, etc.)? Addressing these questions is the first step toward making your decision.

Any experienced DJ will have a large and diverse library of music to fit the needs of your unique day and tailor to your preferred genres. You may also opt to create your own playlist, but having a DJ with a solid backup library will leave one less “what if” on your mind and ensure that the sound quality is up to par. Another factor in sound quality is equipment. You will need a DJ with sound and lighting equipment that fits your space in order to fill the room with energy throughout the reception, engage even the most stubborn of guests and ensure that nobody has to yell to make an announcement. While ensuring these things will set your day up for success, you are likely acutely aware that the unexpected could happen. A DJ with a solid schedule and early arrival will avoid any timing mishaps. Battery and equipment backups can ease your mind of the thought of technical failures. If your guests are unwilling to leave their chairs, bringing down the atmosphere you’ve worked so hard to build, a DJ with an engaging personality will be able to wrangle stubborn guests onto the dance floor and into a groove that keeps them there. If a DJ you inquire about has these basic logistics covered, you are on the right track!

Another important factor to consider is how involved your DJ will be with your wedding day. Genuine interest in the day you’ve so caringly put together will provide the means to create in inviting and energetic atmosphere for you and your guests to dance the night away. Don and LaShelle of Star Entertainment embody the meaning of caring for every event they DJ. By getting to know you and integrating their service into your day, they ensure that not only does your wedding day run smoothly, but that you and your guests have the best time possible from the moment they walk into your space until the last stragglers have left the dance floor and you and your new spouse are ready to end the night on the perfect note.

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