One Too Many – How To Choose?

One Too Many – How To Choose?

You Love Them Both… How do you Choose?

So close!

You’ve gotten this far; sifted through the seemingly millions of sample dresses at every bridal boutique in your area, and you’re almost there. Your dream dress is in front of you! The only problem is that it’s one of the two dresses in front of you.

That fit, though!

The first question you should ask yourself when faced with this predicament is which fit of the two, if they are different, better compliments your body and works with your plans for your wedding day? You can ask your stylist for help with this if you are not sure, but your main determining factor should be movement. If you plan to do a ballroom dance but have never tried doing so while being in the beautiful but restricting mermaid fitted dress, then the a-line or ball gown fit may be the way to go for you. If you feel absolutely stunning in the sheath dress with the fabric lightly draping over your curves, make sure that the material is the right weight to flow with your feet as you walk down the aisle. However, don’t get discouraged if your ideal fit doesn’t perfectly conform to your body in the sample dresses you’ve tried on. Your tailor will make sure your dress is perfectly fitted to your body.

The detail you love.

If your options are the same fit, is there any one feature or detail you love that you would consider non-negotiable for your dress to have? Cap sleeves, lace bodice, sparkly beading, buttons all the way down the train? Chances are, the two dresses you’re deciding between do not both have every detail you initially wanted, but does one of them have your non-negotiable detail? If not, is one in a price range where you could have that detail added in alterations? This detail that you love so much represents your personal style, so make sure the dress you pick shows your personality through that specific piece of what you love about it.

Get in your element!

The most important factor in making your final decision is deciding how you feel in each dress. Imagine yourself on your wedding day; walking down the aisle toward your partner with the fabric of your dress seamlessly fitted to you and flowing with your every step, or feeling your partner’s hands on your dress during your first dance as a married couple. Do you want your dress to make you feel feminine and romantic, or elegant and sophisticated? Don’t be afraid to let your immediate reaction to having a dress on be outweighed by your thoughts when you scrutinize every detail in a mirror. Your wedding day will go by quickly, and you won’t be spending most of it looking in a mirror. You are the only one rocking this gorgeous gown, so the choice should be the dress that makes you feel truly in your element!

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